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Strategic Partnership Forged in Augmented Reality Technology World: Lucyd and ROAR Join Forces

The augmented reality technology world sees a brand new partnership between AR smart glasses manufacturer Lucyd and the ROAR AR platform.

The development of augmented reality technology will soon receive a further boost after the recent partnership formed between Lucyd, an augmented reality smart glass manufacturer, and ROAR, a cloud-based AR services platform. The strategic partnership between the two companies was announced earlier in December in Singapore.


A New Integrated Approach for Augmented Reality Apps

The Lucyd-ROAR alliance represents a step forward in the development of increasingly immersive and easy to use augmented reality technology experience for retail shopping. “The future of AR is handsfree and wearable, and we see Lucyd’s blockchain vision as an ideal solution to provide seamless, secure commerce and micro-transactions,” explained the CEO of ROAR, Steve Curran, on one of the key reasons of the partnership.

The palpable result of the partnership will be a deployment of apps developed by ROAR on Lucyd smart glasses, which will offer people a more comfortable and practical modality of using augmented reality for a seamless shopping experience.


About Lucyd

lucyd augmented reality smart glasses

Lucyd is an AR technology company which develops its own branded smart glasses and apps. The company uses blockchain principles to create the next generation version of an app store for the apps which can be used with the smart glasses. The mission statement of the company is to reinvent the way people experience augmented reality technology and to help developers create and share AR content.

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Lucyd AR smart glasses stand out by their simple design, making them similar to regular eyewear. Ergonomic and lightweight, these glasses help new users experience AR in the most comfortable manner possible.


About ROAR

ROAR opens the doors for brands to the endless possibilities offered by augmented reality technology in creating retail shopping apps and marketing campaigns. The promise made by ROAR to its customers is that they will have the right tools to keep their customers engaged, and attract new ones, through the efficient and smart use of new technologies.

The strategic alliance with Lucyd will add more value to this promise and has the potential to cut a new path for the evolution of AR technology and help it evolve from the status of emerging technology to industry standard.

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