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AUGMENTOR™ powered by Atheer AiR™ Enterprise: New Design Interactive and Atheer Augmented Reality Solution For Microsoft HoloLens

Using augmented reality to share troubleshooting ideas and real-time procedures


The first joint product from Design Interactive, Inc. and Atheer Inc., AUGMENTOR™ powered by Atheer AiR™ Enterprise, has just recently been announced. Design Interactive, Inc. is a firm that develops virtual, augmented and mixed reality based technology, while Atheer Inc. is a big player in industrial enterprise augmented reality solutions.

It merges two augmented reality technologies to create a new product. The AUGMENTOR™ is an augmented reality troubleshooting application that has been created specifically for the [amazon_textlink asin=’B0761LXM6G’ text=’Microsoft HoloLens’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’arpost-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a6ef4fa0-1631-11e8-8802-070d5ef6d23b’] and is aimed at industrial enterprise customers.

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With the help of smart glasses, this enterprise-class AR application connects user’s digital and physical world. AiR™ Enterprise also includes a Web console which enables users to create online, systematic task-flows, along with additional secure cloud storage, making it possible to access task flow content throughout the enterprise.

Employees will then, by wearing a head mounted display, be capable of livestreaming what they can see to experts who are positioned remotely. The experts then have the ability to send drawings and procedures as well as guide the employee through specific processes.

Bringing the two products together to create the AUGMENTOR™ powered by Atheer AiR™ Enterprise makes it possible for procedures to be created in the field through the HoloLens and the incorporated tools from Design Interactive. It also allows procedures to be authored from Atheer’s web accessible portal.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”17″ bg_color=”#04303e” txt_color=”#ffffff”]AUGMENTOR™ powered by Atheer AiR™ Enterprise allows any procedure to be authored from Atheer’s web accessible portal or in the field through DI’s tools in the HoloLens.[/mks_pullquote]

Focusing on the retention of knowledge over a longer period, AUGMENTOR™ works with AiR Enterprise to authorize experts to documents and share their knowledge with others when they need to, regardless of their location. So, if an expert solves a problem they can save the information in the cloud or if they are in the field they can document a procedure using Microsoft HoloLens. The procedure can then be downloaded by employees when they need it, to troubleshoot problems more efficiently.

As Soulaiman Itani, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Atheer, explained, the fact that Design Interactive has extensive experience in a number of vital industrial enterprises will help make this product available to a wider audience. This will be underspined by the way this solution enables taskflows to be documented via the web or AR smart glasses.

“Design Interactive is really forward looking,” Itani says. “It has been focused on solving problems in some of the most challenging industries – such as heavy trucking and the military. It is Design Interactive’s insight from these applications that makes this relationship so promising.”

Design Interactive CEO, Kay Stanney, has identified a number of benefits of the partnership between Atheer and Design Interactive.

“What makes Atheer so appealing is not just their software, but their hardware experience. Most competitors make software. But in Atheer, we found a partner that has developed AR hardware and truly understands the entire AR ecosystem that brings value to a client. That is simply unmatched in the marketplace,” she explained.

The product with be launched by Design Interactive and Atheer together at the Truck Maintenance Council trade show and exhibition located in Atlanta, GA from March 5th to 9th. The qualities of augmented reality and how it relates to heavy truck and machinery operations will be discussed by Design Interactive’s Matt Johnston, while booth 1543 is where the product will be available for demonstration.

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