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VR Park at Dubai Mall – A Virtual Reality Attraction Delivered by Emaar Entertainment

Thanks to Emaar Entertainment, Dubai's latest and most exciting attraction comes in the form of a virtual reality park.

The VR Park at Dubai Mall brings together augmented and virtual reality to give visitors the ability to immerse themselves into games as well as rides and journeys. Amazingly, all of this is housed in a two-storey building where visitors will have an experience they will never forget.

Emaar Entertainment has formed a partnership with a number of VR developers who are paving the way in the world of virtual reality. For visitors, this means that they are taken on a journey through the attraction when the experience is both mesmerising and breathtaking. The attraction is expected to be a real game-changer when it comes to entertainment and VR leisure as people of all ages have access to a wide range of rides, games and unique experiences.

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Visitors are thrown into an adventure that includes spins, drops, speed and adrenaline, all of which takes place in a world that brings together virtual reality and augmented reality.

VR Park is aimed at everyone and rides such as Plummet will deliveVR Park Emaar Entertainment - The Raft (PRNewsfoto/Emaar Entertainment) virtual realityr spectacular views while the Dune Bash experience puts visitors up close and personal with a wide range of creatures.

The Raft offers an exciting level of interaction where visitors can work together, using their VR guns to defeat supernatural infestation and protect their swamps. However, those who enjoy gaming will enjoy a VR heist in PAYDAY 2 while the experience of The Walking Dead Outbreak will provide them with the opportunity to experience a zombie-infested hospital following an apocalypse.

The Geminose: The VR Carousel is geared up for those who are of a younger age, giving children the opportunities to explore a whole new mystical world that consists of creatures who want to play with an injection of thrill, intrigue, music and dance. For those children who dream of entering space, they can experience Robocom VR whereby they can take control of their own spaceship and fly through a world of space stations and aliens.

VR Park by Emaar Entertainment (PRNewsfoto/Emaar Entertainment) virtual realityEmaar Entertainment is continuing to change the way in which the Leisure & Entertainment sector moves into a completely new era through the creation of VR Park. Eight VR-experiences will be hosted by Starbreeze who is the leading partner and a highly-regarded content and technology developer. These experiences will make use of highly dependable Virtual Reality HMD StarVR. Incorporating the forward thinking and experience of partners such as Robocom, ARKUB and Virtual Reality Technologies, VR Park is delivering experiences that take innovation and human immersion to the next level.

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