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Plugo, an Augmented Reality Game that Encourages Children’s Learning and Physical Development

Plugo is an innovative augmented reality game that encourages children to be physically active and be curious to learn more about nature and sciences.

Keeping children away from tablet and mobile phone screen and getting them engaged in physical activities and learning is one of the toughest challenges for parents nowadays. This is why an augmented reality game development company, PlayShifu, decided to create a win-win situation for everyone with an innovative game that encourages children to be both active and eager to learn new things.


Plugo—an Augmented Reality Concept that Involves Activity and Learning

Plugo, the augmented reality game currently in project phase on Kickstarter, consists of a base and various sets of modular and interchangeable kits. Each kit has a specific activity: one kit consists of a steering wheel, another comes with a clickable joystick, with magnetic number blocks, or building blocks.

plugo augmented reality game

For each kit the company has developed a set of fun augmented reality games which take children down into the deep ocean to explore the fauna or flora or challenge them to complete missions and learn math. The initial set of kits and games will be expanded in the future, allowing parents to select the best games according to their child’s natural inclination and talents.


How Plugo Works

The augmented reality gaming system is easy for parents to set up for their children to enjoy. The first step is to download the Plugo app on the smartphone or tablet. Next, the gamepad is set on a flat and firm surface. The smartphone or tablet is connected to the gamepad by sliding it into a dedicated slot. Next, the game kit is connected to the gamepad and the game can start.


Making Augmented Reality Games the First Teacher for Children

The co-founder of PlayShifu, Dinesh Advani, detailed the idea behind Plugo:

It’s important to incorporate learning and physical development in today’s digital age. With Plugo, children can have fun on a smart device while actively improving mental and motor skills. We understand that the sense of touch and interaction leaves a lasting impression; it helps memory retention and promotes active learning, unlike a 2D game that is ultimately forgotten.

The augmented reality game Plugo was built to be compatible with a large variety of smartphones and tablets. Once they plug in the device into Plugo’s gamepad, children are immersed into a colorful and interactive world, where they are prompted to think, come up with creative solutions and discover new things about the world around them.

The games incorporated into Plugo also encourage the development of a rich vocabulary, of logical reasoning, stimulating the children’s intellect through easy, fun and age-appropriate activities.

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PlayShifu’s  Second Kickstarter Project

The company behind Plugo is confident that their Kickstarter project will be successful. They have already managed to complete another educational augmented reality game for children— Orboot, an interactive globe—which was received with great enthusiasm by both parents and children.

At the time of writing, Plugo has managed to raise almost $22,000 out of the total necessary amount of $25,000 for its product. Crowdfunders who preorder the augmented reality game will receive the product at the discount price of $35 (36% off the regular retail price). The package includes a gamepad and one game kit of choice.

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