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Interactive Marketing and Branding Campaigns Made Easy with New Imagination Park AR Tool

The AR tool will allow companies to create interactive marketing campaigns without the need of developers and to track engagement data.

Next time you see an interactive ad or branding message, it may have been created with the latest AR tool developed by Imagination Park. The company stays true to its mission to bring augmented reality experiences to consumers all over the world with its latest platform release. XenoPlay Version 3.3 has functionalities allowing companies to create AR marketing campaigns without the need to hire developers. The interactive ads are ready within minutes and can be deployed directly.

Adding Tracking Capabilities to Augmented Reality Marketing

The AR tool created by Imagination Park offers its clients more than just the ability to create augmented reality content. The CEO of the company, Alen Paul Silverrstieen, explained in a press release:

“Although many agencies know how to develop great brand campaigns, they usually don’t know if their campaigns are working. Now, Imagination Park’s XenoPlay can provide the agencies with activation details about who has viewed their ads, billboards, and end caps. The agencies can also send those details sent to the clients for further engagement.”

This means that brands can get accurate data on how their leads interact with AR content. Also, marketers can attribute revenues to various campaigns. These must-have features for the marketing industry have been developed by veteran marketing specialist Simon Schatzmann. He is the latest addition to the staff of Imagination Park. His role is to introduce advertising and marketing world to AR technology, as well as to add more value to XenoPlay AR tool for corporate clients.

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An AR Tool Honed for Marketing Specialists by a Marketing Pro

With a career of over 20 years in marketing, Schatzmann is the new VP Sales at Imagination Park. The new version of XenoPlay came into existence under his guidance and expert advice. Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Schatzmann believes that “AR offers agencies a completely untapped landscape to engage customers like never before”.

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However, this landscape needs mapping, that is, clear information on how customers interact with it. The ad tracking features of the AR tool will, for instance, enable companies to: collect reliable user information, optimize their future campaigns, as well as develop better sales funnels.

The New Dynamic Duo: AR and Marketing

Advertising and branding are two key concerns for marketing specialists across the world. They need to make sure that their brand image is visible to consumers. In a world invaded by ads of all kinds, augmented reality proves a reliable ally in both attracting and maintaining the customers’ interest.

Using AR tools such as XenoPlay, brands can create campaigns focused on:

  • Telling the brand story through interactive content;
  • Sending customers on an exciting hunt for bonus points, discounts and other benefits in a gamified ad campaign;
  • Promoting product launches through videos;
  • Enhancing brand recognition with holographic logos and other animated objects.

According to Schatzmann, the latest version of Imagination Park’s AR tool will make these campaigns easier than ever to deploy in various forms. “Simply pointing your cellphone at a sign, ad, billboard, logo, product, or virtually anything will trigger the creative content instantly. XenoPlay’s Real-time Marketing Campaign Analytics tracks and measures the results, so agencies and their clients always know their true ROI,” he explained.

The XenoPlay Version 3.3 AR tool supports Android and iOS mobile operating systems, as well as various wearable devices.

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