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VR Company Pixvana Announces a New Suite for Immersive Presentations

Pixvana's new set of tools enables companies to deliver a fully-guided, in-headset VR experience to a targeted audience.

The Seattle-based VR company, Pixvana, offers immersive workflow solutions powered by cloud-based technology. The company is just a startup right now, but already has some big-name clients including Microsoft and Comcast.

Pixvana recently announced a new suite of VR business solutions called SPIN Guide. The tools allow for centralized control of large-scale immersive presentations.

What Are Immersive Presentations?

The field of virtual presenting is huge right now. Ford recently used large-scale immersive presentations to announce a new car model at an American car show. Athletic company Adidas has started using digital spaces for employee collaboration and education.

This promising technology is more complicated than it may seem. Individual VR solutions are one thing, but multiple people using the same experience is another. Pixvana isn’t the only or the first VR company to tackle this problem, but they do offer a unique solution.

What Makes Pixvana Special?

“At Pixvana, we are dedicated to bringing new and powerful VR-native technology to market to help fuel the growth of the entire ecosystem,” Pixvana Vice President of Product, Beverly Vessella, said in a release they sent us. “SPIN Guide is a trailblazing VR functionality that makes it effortless to lead entire groups of viewers on life changing adventures — guiding them, watching them respond, learning from them, and improving their experience along the way.  This is a game changer for everything from corporate trainings to sales enablement and marketing presentations.”

Most large-scale immersive video solutions work by connecting multiple VR headsets together on the same network. This allows one console to control the experience for everyone, but limits the abilities of individual users.

pixvana vr company SPIN guide

What Else Can Pixvana Do?

Pixvana’s SPIN Studio uses cloud-based services so that multiple users can independently access the content simultaneously. This allows an administrator to control the overall experience but gives individual users greater freedom to interact with the content. It also means that users don’t all need to have the exact same hardware, as long as they can all log into the same platform.

This isn’t the only area where SPIN Guide has strengths over other solutions. In addition to controlling the group experience, the administrator can see how users are interacting with the content. Metrics include which parts of  a presentation an audience is looking at.

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“SPIN Guide also provides key insights, including where the audience is looking (via heat maps), how they navigate the content, and how well they understand the content they consume,” explains the VR company. “Additionally, administrators can monitor VR headset battery levels, observe content downloads, drop-off rates, and make immersive VR content playable on the web – saving organizations from the expense and distribution of headsets.”

SPIN Guide has huge potential for use in virtual focus groups, education, usability testing, and more. The tools haven’t been available for long but we look forward to seeing how it is adopted. We also look forward to watching Pixvana grow into a preeminent VR company. With innovations like this, it won’t take long.

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