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Get In Shape with OnShape – The VR Game for Home Aerobics

The VR game promotes fitness at home in a fun, fast paced and immersive environment.


This summer you will have no excuse for not exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym or invest in expensive equipment. Instead, you only have to put on your headset and start the OnShape VR game. Once in the game, you will have to dodge obstacles and recreate certain poses. All of this accompanied by some fast paced beats.

Who Is the Team Behind OnShape VR Game?

onshape VR game

This upcoming game is the work of a team of developers specialized in both video games and VR projects. Going under the name of Odders Lab, the company wants to change the way people exercise to stay fit.

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Actually, at the beginning, the OnShape VR game was for internal use. The team created the game to help them exercise during breaks. They found it so fun and useful, that they decided to release it to the public.

So, they polished and improved the game and now they are ready to launch it.

What Can Players Do in OnShape?

The way Odders Lab imagined it, the VR game challenges players to move at a fast pace through the virtual space and avoid obstacles. Sometimes they have to jump, sidestep or crouch. Along the journey, they can catch power-ups to refill the energy.

All the action takes place with music, which determines the pace of the run. Also, the developers hired professional choreographers for the movements which the players must perform.

A Game for Anyone

VR game onshape

OnShape VR game is for anyone, no matter how fit they are. The game has two basic modes: easy and hard. Also, for each musical track in the game, players can choose between three difficulty levels.

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You can play OnShape on your own or with friends and see who gets the highest score. While fitness is the main goal of the VR game, you will also observe an improvement of reflexes and mobility.

How to Enjoy the OnShape VR Game

Odders Lab has not yet set a definite date for the release. However, they promise that OnShape will be released in July in the SteamVR Store and the Oculus Store. Later this year, PSVR owners will also be able to play this VR game.

For now, you can check out the teaser trailer below.

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