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Magic Leap Announces Limited Opportunity for LEAP Developer Days

LEAP Developer Days is a unique opportunity for workshops and talks on Magic Leap’s campus.


Magic Leap recently announced that it will be holding LEAP Developer Days in May. Here we’ll talk a bit about the company in general, as well as share everything we know about the upcoming event. That includes how to apply.

Background on Magic Leap

Magic Leap is currently one of the biggest names in mixed reality. It’s also been called “the most secretive AR company on earth.”

With a headset that’ll set you back more than $1,200, the company mainly focuses on enterprise solutions. However, its platform also has a number of casual apps and games.

They also love their developers and have a habit of bending over backwards to get their hardware and other resources into the hands of eager programmers. While the company previously launched its own grant program, nothing like LEAP Developer Days has ever happened before.

The Road to LEAP Developer Days

The company teased LEAP Developer Days in a blog post earlier this month.

“We’ll dive into development best practices, reveal much of what our teams have learned as we’ve built our 1st party applications, share insights on the growing enterprise market opportunities for spatial apps, and offer sneak-peeks of upcoming developer-focused features and technology,” read the post. “Developers will have direct access to Magic Leap technical, creative, and business leads and hands-on workshops.”

However, members of the platform’s developer community – and nosey journalists – didn’t receive an email until almost two weeks later saying that registration was open. The email also detailed that only 400 applicants will be able to participate in the event. It also specified that the event is free, but registrants would have to pay for travel and accommodation themselves. We’ll talk more about how to apply in a moment.

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LEAP Developer Days last for four days, from May 19 – 22. However, that takes the form of two two-day sessions. Both two-day sessions have identical content, so no one is missing out. The first day is composed of a series of tech-focused talks, while the second day is made up of workshops.

“This is the first time we’ve hosted an event of this scale at our headquarters in Florida, and there are plenty of surprises in store,” read the email.

How to Apply

While the email told us much more about the event than the teaser blog post had, most of what we know about LEAP Developer Days actually comes from the application.

The application lists conference areas of interest. And those are:

  • Shared Experiences,
  • Design and Interaction Best Practices,
  • Business and Go-to Marketing Opportunities for Developers,
  • Location-Based Experiences,
  • Publishing with Magic Leap,
  • Platform Features Roadmap
  • Q&A with Product/Software/Hardware teams.

It also lists workshop areas of focus. Applicants need to select at least one of the following:

  • Magic Leap’s Multi-user APIs,
  • Cross-Platform Development with React and Javascript,
  • Spatially Anchored Content,
  • Networked Experiences,
  • Getting Started Developing with Magic Leap,
  • Magic Leap Toolkit.

Applicants can fill out the form individually, or as representatives of a team. Naturally, name and email are required fields, as well as the job title and field. Applicants can also choose their preferred dates to attend.

Why You Should Care

If you’re a Magic Leap developer, you probably already knew about this exciting opportunity. If you’re a Magic Leap user, you should get excited about all of the great experiences that will be coming out of this year’s LEAP Developer Days.

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