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The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2020

The most anticipated VR games in 2020 come from well-known franchises, but we also see some exciting brand new releases.


The world of VR games in 2020 looks bright and exciting for fans. This year, producers have prepared a lot of new titles, either new episodes of established franchises or brand new ideas. From deep space to gloomy dystopias, these games will challenge players to become immersed in unknown worlds, where enemies and unexpected events lurk at every corner.

What Is the Key Trend of Upcoming VR Games in 2020?

As VR technology matures, players can expect better experiences in terms of:

  • Image and sound quality,
  • Latency,
  • Field of view and depth of field.

At the same time, VR headsets become more powerful and more affordable as mass adoption spreads. Thus, players will be able to escape into a fully immersive experience, where image, sound and tactile sense are spatial and more realistic than ever before.

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In terms of game topics, the offer is generous. From simulations of real-life events and places to well-known comic book heroes’ stories to dark and dangerous worlds, fans of VR games will find something adapted to their tastes.

Our Top Picks

Here are the upcoming VR games in 2020 that we can’t wait to try:

1. Batman: Arkham VR

Platforms: Oculus, HTC, PlayStation VR

One of the best-known action heroes, Batman becomes a 3D reality in this VR game that continues the Arkham mythology. However, it is not going to follow the canonic storyline of the prequels and sequels of Batman movies and conventional platform games.

batman arkham VR game

Instead, the player gets into the character of Batman and will fulfill something similar to a detective mission. The game is set to run for about 90 minutes, sufficient for any Batman fan to enjoy living the life of their favorite superhero.

2. Half-Life: Alyx

Platform: SteamVR 

Half-Life is back with Alyx Vance as the only hope for humanity to survive the evil Combine alien race. The timeline of this game – one of the most expected VR games in 2020 – is situated between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

In the game storyline, the Combine aliens have already come to Earth and are trying to wipe out humanity. The player becomes Alyx Vance who is working together with her father to create a resistance movement. With stunning visuals and an exciting story, full of surprises, Half-Life: Alyx will certainly become a top favorite among fans of VR games in 2020.

Until the official launch, take a look at the announcement trailer of Half-Life: Alyx:

3. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Platform: Oculus Rift

From superheroes and dystopian worlds, our next recommendation is a game based on real-life events of the past. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is on our list of the best upcoming VR games in 2020 because we really feel a deep immersion in the virtual world.

Watching the announcement trailer is like traveling back in time to the 1940s. The interior decorations, the landscapes and buildings – every single element is a faithful representation of life during war-torn Europe.

As a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the precursor of CIA), the player has to sabotage the Nazis, survive deadly attacks and offer support to the French resistance, among others. For history fans, this is one of the best games they can play, where they can actually experience one of the most significant events in human history, with a high degree of similarity to reality.

4. Lone Echo II

Platform: Oculus Rift

The sequel to Lone Echo will be launched sometime during the first quarter of this year and promises to become one of the best VR games in 2020. Captain Olivia (Liv) Rhodes and her robot assistant Jack (the player) are back among the rings of Saturn.

lone echo II upcoming VR games in 2020

As Liv’s trusted partner, Jack has to protect her from danger and assist her in her mission. With superb graphics and an eerily realistic atmosphere, Lone Echo II will certainly not disappoint fans of immersive games. You can take a look at the trailer here.

5. Solaris: Offworld Combat

Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR

We end our list of recommendations of the best upcoming VR games in 2020 with this brand new title from First Contact Entertainment. What we know about it is that it is a multi-player game.

Also, we had a look at the teaser and it looks promising. The producers are very secretive about further details and we can only wait for the official launch. However, judging from the trailer, Solaris: Offworld Combat has the potential to win a lot of fans.

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