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Streem Launches SDK for Developing AR Apps and Solutions for Remote Collaboration and Customer Support

The award-winning platform now offers its powerful SDK to organizations and developers who want to develop scalable and easy to use AR apps and interactive remote collaboration tools.


Starting September 24, organizations and developers can use a new, powerful SDK to create AR apps and solutions for interactive customer support and remote collaboration. Streem, the award-winning video communication platform, recently featured in an Apple’s Augmented Reality in Business guide has launched an SDK that uses its proprietary AR and AI-enabled platform. Thus, companies will be able to develop their own tailored AR apps and remote collaboration tools, fully branded, and specifically adapted to their needs.

What Makes the Streem SDK for AR Apps Special?

Streem has revolutionized AR apps by turning the simplest smartphone into an advanced interactive video communication tool. Their platform uses spatial mapping, object recognition and artificial intelligence to allow users to:

  • Add AR labels and notes on live video images;
  • Place markers to indicate special areas;
  • Add AR objects into a live video stream.
Streem iOS SDK
Streem iOS SDK

“With the release of the Streem SDKs, leading brands now have access to powerful tools to easily and more quickly create customized AR and AI solutions that will allow them to better communicate with and support their customers,” Ryan Fink, co-founder and CEO of Streem, said in a press release.

A Tested and Proven Solution for AR Apps and Remote Collaboration Tools

As mentioned, Apple has recently featured the Streem platform in its Augmented Reality in Business guide. In the guide, Streem app is featured under the section dedicated to remote consulting, as the platform of choice that integrates the LiDAR sensor for real-time interactive AR experiences in live video calls.

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In addition, the EVP of Stores at Lowe’s, Joseph McFarland III, described the experience of using the Stream platform for AR video apps:

“We launched Lowe’s 4Pros JobSIGHT in partnership with Streem. This is just another example of how we’re innovating to leap-frog our competition.”

What Can Developers Find in the Streem SDK for AR Apps?

At the moment, Streem offers the SDK for iOS and Android. Each separate version has its own unique capabilities.

Thus, the SDK for iOS allows organizations to:

  • Create white-glove support apps with ease;
  • Expand their service area and increase productivity in the customer support department;
  • Scan and clone remote environments with the help of the LiDAR technology;
  • Take remote measurements with maximum precision.
Streem Android SDK
Streem Android SDK

As for the Android SDK, its key features are:

  • Taking remote measurements;
  • Adding AR notes, markers and instructions into the shared camera view;
  • Delivering innovative programs with fast, intuitive UI and proven tools.

“Businesses can integrate Streem’s remote collaboration and data capture features into existing apps and systems, and leverage LiDAR meshes to capture exceptionally accurate, patented, remote measurements,” Fink summarized the capabilities of the newly launched SDK for developing AR video app “Our mission at Streem is to make the world’s expertise more accessible, and our SDKs allow us to do this while also helping businesses simplify life for consumers.”

Future Developments

Streem Web SDK
Streem Web SDK

The Streem SDK is currently available for the two major mobile platforms (iOS and Android), but the company is already working on the Web SDK, as well.

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