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How Can Mixed Reality Help Your Small Business?

How mixed reality can revolutionize your small business.


Mixed reality (MR) technology merges real life and virtual reality in real time.

Like virtual reality, MR uses headsets or head-mounted displays (HMDs) to display virtual elements in 3D. But unlike VR, mixed reality simulations bring virtual creations to life in a physical space.

Where VR is entirely computer-generated, MR can render environments and visualizations where real and virtual objects co-exist, like in AR, but also interact with each other, unlike in augmented reality.

Though it is most common in video games and film, MR has many applications across different industries. The world of business is only the latest to harness its potential.

Mixed Reality Enhances Corporate Training

Small businesses can use MR to make training and skills assessment immersive and interactive. Where new hires have to read manuals and safety protocols, MR can simulate hands-on experience instead.

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Using MR’s capabilities, you can design training scenarios and walk your employees through complex learning processes. This makes training quicker and easier. It eliminates the risk of new hires putting your operations and assets at risk. And it requires less manpower and resources.

Employees can learn and improve upon work-related skills anytime, anywhere, with MR. Remote coaching can occur in real time or with pre-recorded training modules, for instance.

Use MR to this end to nurture your employees’ capabilities. Whether you opt for in-house training or tap experts from anywhere in the world, MR makes it possible.

Mixed Reality Minimizes Operational Costs

Small businesses can also use MR to increase efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Tech company Trimble, for instance, developed a custom-built hard hat with HoloLens 2. Dubbed the Trimble XR10, the unique device allows architects, builders, and crew to access and interact with 3D models on-site.

Trimble XR10 - collaboration Trimble Connect + mixed reality capabilities HoloLens 2 - field team
Trimble XR10

Construction companies can certainly make use of this technology to collaborate in real time and avoid costly errors and delays at construction projects.

Mixed Reality Lets You Test Your Product

Construction work is one area where MR can revolutionize standard business operations. MR can be a vital asset in any company, in any industry.

For example, you can use MR to create and test out products before manufacturing your prototypes.

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Apart from that, you can use MR to provide consumers with 3D models and walk-throughs of your products and services. Think of it as distributing samples—a unique avenue for customers to experience what you have to offer. It’s a one-of-a-kind service that few other small businesses provide.

Mixed Reality Is the Future

From training to project development to sales, mixed reality is the inevitable future. With MR on the rise in the business sector, make sure you harness its capabilities before your competitors can get to it first.

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