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20 Most-Read ARPost Articles of 2020

Here are our 20 most popular AR and VR articles of last year.


From the most anticipated VR games in 2020, and reviews of various XR headsets, to the benefits of VR in banking, and AR in the toy industry, these are the 20 stories ARPost readers clicked on the most in 2020.


How to build location-based AR application20

Augmented Reality And Hearables: Where The Two Technologies Meet

Augmented reality-enabled hearables are becoming ubiquitous thanks to the spread of wearables, the contribution of tech giants, and the demand for emerging technologies.

WebAR Adoption is Going Mainstream in 2020, Here’s Why


WebAR Adoption Is Going Mainstream In 2020, Here’s Why

WebAR was set to take off in 2020 thanks to three key factors: increased awareness of its benefits, the arrival of 5G, and the democratization of AR tools.

VR Artist Rosie Summers on Art and Virtual Reality18

VR Artist Rosie Summers On Art And Virtual Reality

Digital artist Rosie Summers loves getting lost in the process of making virtual reality art. She spoke to us about her creative journey so far.

LEGO Masters Builder AR Experience Promotes the New LEGO Masters Series on FOX17

LEGO Masters Builder AR Experience Promotes The New LEGO Masters Series On FOX

LEGO Masters Builders is an AR experience launched as part of the promotional events for the brand new LEGO Masters reality competition TV show.

Augmented Reality the Next Big Thing in the Toy Industry16

Is Augmented Reality The Next Big Thing In The Toy Industry?

As augmented reality grows increasingly ubiquitous, it won’t be long before all toys have virtual applications. AR in toys isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay.

ARKit vs ARCore - Image Detection and Tracking15

ARKit Vs ARCore: Image Detection And Tracking

Read how ARKit’s ARReferenceImage and ARCore’s Augmented Images features differ and how they can be deployed within business use cases.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Banking14

The Benefits Of Virtual Reality In Banking

Virtual reality is a young, emerging technology. It is an invaluable solution that satisfies the next generation of banking consumers.

How to Enable ARCore on Any Android Device13

How To Enable ARCore On Any Android Device

Learn to enable ARCore on any Android device in order to make it capable of delivering augmented reality experiences.

7 Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing Education Industry in the UK12

7 Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing Education Industry In The UK: The Future Of Learning Is Now

Augmented reality is changing the education industry, schools, and projects through innovative use and fearless adoption.


3 Companies Working on Education In VR and AR11

3 Companies Working On Education In VR And AR

Since the popularity of immersive technologies keeps growing, there is also a growing need in companies and platforms that provide education in VR and AR.

Virtual Reality Enhances Supermarket Shopping10

How Virtual Reality Enhances Supermarket Shopping

Virtual reality offers a fun, seamless alternative for consumers who enjoy all the physical aspects of shopping at a supermarket but lack the time for it.

Augmented Reality Taking a Long Time to Gain Popularity09

Why Is Augmented Reality Taking Such A Long Time To Gain Popularity?

Augmented reality could become just as mainstream as social media – but reliance on heavy apps and a lack of clear marketing are standing in the way.

How to Start Career in Virtual Reality08

How To Start Your Own Career In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most promising technologies, and a financially rewarding job could be found in this industry. Find out where to start.

Top VR Media Players Android iOS07

Top VR Media Players For Android And IOS

Discover the top-rated VR media players for Android phones and iPhones that you can use to watch 360-degree videos.

Fashion Is the Perfect Fit for Augmented Reality06

Fashion Is The Perfect Fit For Augmented Reality

The fashion industry is tailor-made for an augmented reality explosion. From virtual try-on, to detailed product inspection, to camera activated logos.

A Closer Look at the HP Reverb G205

A Closer Look At The HP Reverb G2

Made by HP with Microsoft and Valve, we first saw the Reverb G2 at AWE. Here’s the history and roadmap of the Reverb G2 and how it compares to competitors.

Using Augmented Reality to Elevate the Concert Experience04

Using Augmented Reality To Elevate The Concert Experience

Augmented reality allows performers to break the fourth wall, keep the crowd engaged, and build emotional connections with concertgoers.

AR and MR Headsets and Glasses overview 201903

AR And MR Headsets And Glasses 2019 And 2020 Overview

A look back at 10 of the AR and MR headsets and glasses that we talked about the most in 2019, and those we expected to talk about in 2020.

AR Disappeared From Gartner’s Hype Cycle - What’s Next


Augmented Reality Disappeared From Gartner’s Hype Cycle – What’s Next?

Augmented reality has reached maturity is ready to move from proof of concept to becoming a key component of complex Enterprise technology stack.

The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2020


The Best Upcoming VR Games In 2020

These were the most anticipated VR games in 2020 which should satisfy the tastes of fans of all genres of immersive and interactive entertainment.

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