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Ozobot Launches MetaBot, the Free AR Robot for Education

The AR robot allows children to build coding literacy in a fun and user-friendly way, opening their way towards STEAM careers in the future.


STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are the way of the future in our hi-tech world. And the sooner you start learning, the higher your chances are of finding fulfillment in this exciting field of work. This is the view and mission statement of Ozobot, a programmable robotics company.

To this end, the company launched MetaBot, the free AR robot for education in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics)  field. MetaBot is available for free and will help children build coding literacy and develop their skills in creating and working with smart robots.

The AR Robot Brings STEAM Learning to Children’s Level of Understanding

Augmented reality learning is extremely effective for children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. They receive the information in a gamified interactive experience. Thus, they are excited to learn and focus all their attention on the task at hand.

Ozobot AR Robot MetaBot STEAM Classroom

Relying on this principle, the Ozobot team designed and built MetaBot, the AR robot for education. The students only need a smartphone or tablet to start interacting with MetaBot wherever they are: at school, at home or out in the park with their friends.

The AR Robot Launch Includes Access to Educational Materials

“MetaBot is our answer to the digital divide and furthers our mission to democratize educational technology while also allowing us to stake a claim in the metaverse with education,” said Andy Fathollahi, the CEO of Ozobot, in a press release, explaining the decision to create the AR robot.  “We believe every student should have access to STEAM education and equity in computer science, regardless of their circumstances or environment.”

Ozobot MetaBot Webpage-Costumes-holiday-960x800

To further this goal, Ozobot also offers MetaBot users access to its Classroom, a library of helpful materials, including video lessons in various fields such as math, science, English language arts, social studies, and art and music.

Paving the Way for STEAM Literate Future Generations 

The Ozobot team believes that children should become passionate about STEAM and wants to help them follow a career in this field. It is only natural that, as some jobs become obsolete and disappear, new ones appear. They have less to do with physical labor and tiresome number crunching and more to do with creating smart machines to perform these tasks in people’s place.

Ozobot AR Robot Metabot OzoBlockly Screen

Programming and controlling their MetaBot AR robot will show children how exciting STEAM work is. They can learn about coding through a game and, when it is time to move on to more difficult tasks, they will be equipped with useful knowledge.

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“With the launch of MetaBot, an entire classroom can learn to code, create and collaborate through select STEAM curriculum and lessons using a single smartphone or tablet; equipping virtually all learners with the future-ready skills needed to further their education, careers, and entrance into the metaverse,” said Fathollahi.

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