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Avatar Dimension Brings a Mixed Reality Capture Studio Closer to Clients

Avatar Dimension launches a mobile studio for on-location volumetric video capture.


Avatar Dimension recently announced that its volumetric mixed reality capture studio is now available for on-site shoot locations. This is great news for companies who wish to take advantage of 3D holographic videos to capture their audience’s interests.

Avatar Dimension is the only Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio on the East Coast. Avatar Dimension is a collaboration between Avatar Studios (a creative agency), Dimension Studio (a virtual and XR production studio), and Sabey Data Centers (US’s largest private data center operator). Led by CEO Dennis Bracy, the firm sought to address the common objection of many customers who wanted to take advantage of its services.

Bringing a Mixed Reality Capture Studio to Where the Action Is

Avatar Dimension serves a wide range of clients from enterprises to military and government agencies. Holographic video images have proven to be more engaging and better adept at meeting the goals of these organizations.

Avatar Dimension mixed reality capture studio stage
Avatar Dimension stage

In spite of growing interest, mixed reality capture studios are typically inflexible, which hinders companies from realizing their 3D visions. Heavy equipment and logistical challenges are the major reasons why customers only have the option to shoot within a physical studio.

Avatar Dimension saw an opportunity. It created a transportable stage comprised of the same technology present in its physical studio. The mobile stage includes 70 12-megapixel Volucam cameras from IO Industries. It also features Microsoft’s capture and rendering pipeline. Together, the stage captures the action at scale. Using the power of Microsoft Azure, the video files are then merged to create 3D holograms. These holograms can be incorporated into narratives, locations, games, and experiences.

The entire setup takes three days to assemble. Once on-site, the team can take as many volumetric shoots as necessary to bring a project to life.

“Bringing our volumetric capture stage directly to clients opens the door for the many businesses who are interested in growing their audience reach with innovative, mixed reality experiences, but need the capture session to come to them,” Bracy said in a press release shared with ARPost.

The Leap From 2D to 3D

Avatar Dimension was once a traditional film and video business whose founders saw an opportunity in 3D production. Bracy calls it “the next media wave.” He believes smartphones and video editing software have hampered traditional video businesses. Anyone with an iPhone can now create videos.

Video and film companies need to step up their game if they want to stand out. Bracy saw the potential in 3D content creation. His company reached out to Microsoft since it believed that Microsoft had the best volumetric capture technology. After passing rigorous tests, Avatar Dimension was named the exclusive Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio on the East Coast.

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Since then, the company has produced several projects. Some of its recent and notable projects included:

With the company’s transportable volumetric capture stage, Bracy believes more businesses will turn to mixed reality experiences to engage customers. Already, the company has completed a massive project involving 1,000 on-location captures in New England.

The Future of Video Is in Mixed Reality 

Consumers are always searching for better and more engaging content. Immersive experiences are the natural evolution from flat images and 2D videos prevalent today.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios is on a mission to make hologram creation accessible to creators. They believe that future generations would expect to interact with spatial content. Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios is leading the pack by forming the technology necessary to easily create volumetric content.

Avatar Dimension mixed reality capture studio Production Room
Avatar Dimension production room

With Microsoft as a partner, Avatar Dimensions is securing its future in this field. The firm has plans to offer volumetric capture and holographic and mixed reality production services to sectors like training, government, marketing, and entertainment. It is also venturing into mixed reality headsets, 5G platforms, AI, and digital humans.

We are not far from a future where the digital world blends seamlessly with the physical world. Holograms once thought of as existing only in sci-fi movies are becoming more of a reality. With Avatar Dimensions’ initiative to bring its mixed reality capture studio closer to its customers, it won’t be long before more businesses leverage spatial content and holograms become a common occurrence.

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