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Valo Motion AR Gaming System Sold Its 1000th Unit

Valo Motion, an AR gaming company, reached a remarkable milestone.


Valo Motion, a Finnish AR gaming system provider, celebrated a business landmark. The augmented reality game company has just announced that it sold its 1000th gaming unit.

This achievement highlights what Valo Motion brings to the global amusement industry. The remarkable feat proved that Valo Motion creates products that actually perform, and the accomplishment goes beyond what the numbers represent. It shows that its AR gaming system has provided joy to its users, regardless of age.

Valo Motion transforms analog structures, like trampolines and climbing walls, into digital attractions. Since its debut in 2016, the AR company has made fun, easy-to-use, and high-quality products. These activities benefit both the amusement park owners and users. For the site owners, this includes high repeatability and play value. For users, it means more fun and enjoyment.

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According to the company, every day, more than  65,000 people in more than 65 countries use Valo Motion products.

AR Gaming System Amidst the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted several industries, including entertainment hubs. All over the world, amusement, activity, and theme parks have either closed permanently or for a long duration. For these businesses to stay afloat, they had to offer safe games and activities. Valo Motion’s success during the pandemic was due to its streamlined AR gaming system.

People got to enjoy ValoJump even during the lockdown. They had fun without interacting with others. The AR trampoline game sold well enough to keep the business thriving. By 2021, the company had already recovered its pre-pandemic numbers.

Valo Motion - AR Gaming System - ValoJump

This is not surprising given that both ValoJump and ValoClimb are hygienic products. Users can play with ValoJump one at a time. As such, there’s already physical distancing between players. They also don’t have to wear harnesses, headsets, or controllers.

Unlike some other XR devices, ValoClimb is safe and fully operational without supervision. Players aren’t compelled to don wearables too to enjoy the game. There’s also no prep time.

Valo Motion has kept abreast with the most recent pandemic regulations and guidelines. Its website includes instructions for keeping its products clean and sanitized. It also offers suggestions on ensuring that everyone has a safe playing experience.

Valo Motion’s AR Gaming Systems

Valo Motion offers three unique gaming products. Each continuous to give analog attractions new leases in life through digital dimensions.

Valo Motion - ValoClimb - AR gaming system

ValoClimb is a fully-augmented climbing wall. It includes high-quality and engaging activities suitable for any indoor setting. ValoClimb is now accessible in over 230 sites across 50 countries.

ValoJump is a digital trampoline game. It features exciting activities and training apps that help players learn the sport. ValoJump is now in over 125 places in almost 30 countries.

The newest product in the lineup is ValoArena. It’s an active, exhilarating gaming experience for up to six players. The made-for-group pack features fun games in various levels and modes. ValoArena will be available for sale starting September 1, 2022.

ValoArena - Valo Motion - AR gaming system

Valo Motion’s Continued Success

According to the company, over 42 million games have used Valo Motion’s AR and mixed reality gaming systems to date. Just recently, Valo Motion installed ValoArena in Hi-Fly Trampoline Park in Germany, with more European countries to see more installations this year.

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It won’t be a surprise if Valo Motion surpasses another sales milestone ahead of others. Multimillion-euro annual revenue, without outside investment, has fueled its rise. This autonomy has allowed the company to stay true to its mission—to help people discover true joy in movement and exercise.

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