TeamViewer and RealWear Partner to Deliver a New Level of Remote Support via Assisted Reality

TeamViewer has partnered with RealWear in providing real-time remote access and support to frontline industrial workers via the latter’s new SaaS offering, the RealWear Cloud.


TeamViewer, a global provider of remote access solutions for the workplace, and RealWear, a company providing assisted reality wearable solutions, have recently expanded their partnership by integrating TeamViewer’s remote access software into the RealWear Cloud, the company’s new multipurpose software that aims to deliver assisted intelligence to its users.

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Through this new integration, RealWear Cloud subscribers can leverage secure and stable remote access to set up and manage their RealWear devices. For example, users can have access to screen sharing capabilities and device interface control features remotely, allowing them to provide real-time support to frontline industrial workers.

Redefining Remote Access With Assisted Reality Wearable Solutions

RealWear Cloud offers subscribers a dashboard that lets them remotely control their RealWear device fleet. With this feature, companies are able to receive firmware updates and keep their RealWear devices secure while protecting company data with RealWear’s enterprise-grade security.

As part of RealWear Cloud, subscribers can access RealWear Cloud Assistance, which is TeamViewer’s embedded remote access software. With this, subscribers can provide real-time remote assistance and support to their workers, thus allowing them to diagnose and address RealWear device issues quickly and effectively.

“With the new integration of our remote connectivity capabilities into its cloud platform services, RealWear can offer its customers a new level of remote support,” said EVP of Business Development at TeamViewer, Alfredo Patron.

Enhancing Situational Awareness for Frontline Industrial Workers

Frontline workers are one of the pillars of any industry, from manufacturing and automotive to healthcare and field services. They help keep organizations agile and thus, play an important role in the economy.

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However, they are often overlooked when it comes to planning and implementing digital transformation initiatives. They also deal with a range of challenges on the job, such as the lack of real-time support, low situational awareness, and varying onsite working conditions.

Through assisted reality wearables, frontline industrial workers now have a hands-free solution to their day-to-day needs, from getting the data they need in real time to getting remote assistance for complex issues.  They’re able to maintain situational awareness, which is crucial for safety, preventing human error, and improving productivity and performance.

TeamViewer and RealWear - remote support - assisted reality

It also helps them become a more active part in a company’s digital transformation initiatives. With assisted reality wearables, frontline industrial workers have access to the right digital resources, allowing them to have a better working experience overall.

Furthermore, organizations that empower their workers by making them an active part of digital transformation initiatives can gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

“Enabling IT to quickly and securely access remote devices will further accelerate deployments. Our focus is to support the frontline and keep them focused on work productivity and safety,” said Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer at RealWear.

Aside from paving the way for digitalized workforces, the introduction of new technology has greatly enhanced safety, productivity, and collaboration in the workplace, especially for frontline manufacturing workers.

Changing the Way We Approach Remote Support

The partnership between TeamViewer and RealWear isn’t a new development. In the past, they’ve worked together to integrate TeamViewer’s enterprise AR software, Frontline, into RealWear devices. This has enabled organizations to tap into remote access and support capabilities and helped improve manual work processes and work quality, as well as safety, for frontline workers across different industries.

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