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Geenee AR Launches Advanced Virtual Try-On Solutions for E-Commerce and Retail

The WebAR virtual try-on solutions support full-body try-on for garments, makeup, and accessories and a wide range of body types and sizes.


In the online shopping era, the one thing missing from a perfect shopping experience was a realistic way of trying on products remotely. Thanks to augmented reality and virtual try-on solutions (VTO), this is no longer an issue.

Various AR and WebAR development companies allow retailers and e-commerce brands to offer their customers a highly realistic way of trying various products. From clothes and shoes to makeup and home goods, consumers are able to make an informed shopping decision after using these solutions.

Geenee AR, a WebAR technology company, has recently announced a comprehensive suite of immersive digital shopping solutions for e-commerce brands, including ads, online stores, and onsite mirrors.

Virtual Try-On Solutions Improve the Shopping Experience and Increase Sales

One of the biggest problems for online retailers is the large quantity of returned products. When it comes to clothes, footwear, eyewear, and accessories, many consumers find that they don’t make a good fit for their body type. Or, once they try on the product, they don’t get the look they envisioned when they saw the product in the online store, presented by a model.

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With virtual try-on solutions, consumers are able to have a more realistic idea of how they’d look wearing each product. This reduces the number of product returns and increases customer loyalty.

However, until recently, most, though not all, AR try-on solutions were usually focused on a specific type of product: be it makeup, eyewear, hairstyle, clothing, or jewelry.

Geenee’s Virtual Try-On Solutions 

With the new suite of virtual try-on solutions, retailers and e-commerce brands can offer their customers a complete experience. Geenee’s virtual try-on solutions include full-body virtual try-on for products like T-shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, and sweaters, as well as try-on for beauty products and accessories such as handbags, jewelry, glasses, and hats, and other headworn accessories.

full body virtual try-on Geenee AR

Moreover, the company’s virtual try-on solutions are size-inclusive and support a wide range of body types. This is extremely important for customers who want to look not just for the right size, but for garments that compliment their body and make them feel more confident.

“Augmented reality helps consumers make informed and confident purchasing decisions faster than ever before,” said Heather Lipner, Geenee AR’s Head of Product Design and Creative, in a press release shared with ARPost. “Will it fit? Will it look good? To see how something looks on your own face or body will trigger the confidence to purchase – the key driver for e-commerce success.” 

In addition to virtual try-on, the company also offers true-size AR for home goods like furniture and appliances.

Key Features of Geenee’s Virtual Try-On Solutions

Geenee offers a complete suite of solutions for online and offline retail stores. The main features of the virtual try-on solutions include:

  • E-commerce point of sale – web-based full body and face tracking, allowing customers to try all types of products, from head to feet;
  • Onsite mirrors – AR mirrors which allow customers to try on products in store without going to a changing booth;
  • Embedded ads – thanks to the company’s partnership with AudienceX, brands can offer virtual try-on experiences within their online ads across various websites and social media platforms.

Brands Report Positive Results After Implementing the VTO Solutions

So far, several fashion, beauty, and home goods brands have used Geenee’s virtual try-on solutions, and some of the results they shared with the company include:

  • For eyewear: 81% increase in add-to-cart;
  • For fashion products: 24% decrease in returned products;
  • For accessories: a 25% increase in conversion rates;
  • For home goods: a 67% increase in conversions and a 38% decrease in product returns.

virtual try-on accessories Geenee AR

These results confirm the vision of the CTO of Geenee, Evgeny Peshkov.

“Virtual try-on brings e-commerce to the next level. Being able to see how something actually fits rather than guessing based on 2D photos simplifies the customer’s decision,” Peshkov said.  “The number of advanced techniques built and fine-tuned specifically for this task allow for a high level of realism and fidelity. Geenee’s web-first VTO solution is ready out-of-the-box and can be easily integrated with any e-commerce platform.”

Experience Virtual Try-On by Geenee

Geeenee AR offers both brands and consumers the chance to test their latest VTO solutions. Anyone can test a demo version on a desktop or mobile here.

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