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ZERO10 to Debut Its First AR Store at Viva Technology in Paris

AR fashion try-on company ZERO10 to unveil prototype AR Store at Viva Technology in Paris this week.


After the successful showing of its AR try-on technology at the Metaverse Fashion Week, AR fashion company ZERO10 is launching its first prototype AR Store that aims to bring a whole new experience to shopping.

Following previous successful collaborations with fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Coach – which saw the launch of the brand’s AR Mirror and Storefront, respectively – ZERO10 is now debuting the AR Mirror as a standalone store.

AR Storefront ZERO10

“We believe that 50% of physical retail will incorporate AR solutions or will become AR stores itself in the next 10 years,” said CEO of ZERO10 George Yashin. “Customers want to try new types of shopping and augmented reality will elevate the future in-store experience. We see the technology as a powerful tool for retail and we are still at the beginning.”

The prototype AR Store aims to be an immersive solution for retail stores while also addressing the common issues that come with brick-and-mortar establishments. This iteration of the AR Mirror is particularly notable for its ability to deliver a standalone retail experience, in contrast to simply enhancing the experience of shopping in a traditional store.

AR Store for a Full AR Shopping Experience 

ZERO10 has been steadily growing with its AR-to-physical capabilities, befitting a fashion company that seeks to improve everything about the retail experience. Already a thriving hub for forward-thinking fashion designers, the AR Store represents the exciting possibilities of a full augmented reality shopping experience.

With a simple setup (requiring only the AR Mirror, an iPad stand, a statistics screen, and storage space), the prototype AR Store promises to deliver a seamless shopping experience without the need for large floor space. With its minimal requirements for both space and construction, the AR Store will be able to deliver all the functions and operations seen in a traditional store with an average of 100 sq meters, all with just two square meters of total store space.

AR Mirror ZERO10

All of this is possible thanks to ZERO10’s proprietary AR Mirror solution, which can run complex computer vision models and render clothing in 4K resolution. It does all of this in real-time, powered by a supercomputer that boasts the latest in 3D body tracking and multi-class segmentation capabilities.

The Future Of Brick-And-Mortar Stores?

Traditional storefronts may no longer be enough by themselves to entice consumers to shop at their establishments. Many retailers have started embracing the capabilities of augmented reality and other similar technologies to enrich the customer experience and help them stand out compared to their peers.

This phenomenon (tentatively called v-commerce) not only enriches the usual in-store experience but solves many of the issues that brick-and-mortar establishments face. Storage space, floor traffic, and even employee tasks become far easier to manage with the help of AR technology.

While it’s difficult to say that AR solutions like AR Mirrors and ZERO10’s AR Store will render brick-and-mortar establishments obsolete, it’s fair to say that they’re a development in the retail shopping experience that can’t be ignored.

Forward-Facing Fashion at Viva Technology Europe

ZERO10’s AR Store prototype will be interactable for the first time at Viva Technology, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, taking place June 14- 17, in Paris, France. The prototype will be located in Innovation Park, ALLÉE NORD, Digital Experiences and AI, stand J61-007.

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Visitors at Viva Technology will be able to experience the entire customer journey of the AR Store, starting with trying on the digital merch ZERO10 created together with Viva Technology, also available physically with limited stock.

Following the virtual try-on with the AR Mirror, customers will be able to initiate the imitation of a real purchase, where they will be able to select their sizing and receive a free physical analog of their selected item at the reception desk.

With this, ZERO10 hopes to make more people see the possibilities of AR retail experiences and use AR technology to enrich the normal fashion shopping experience.

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