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nreal light Glasses Get New Game and Support for AR and MR Development

Android 5G phones to add layers to reality with these AR and MR glasses this year.

nreal was in attendance at GDC 2019 in San Francisco to debut its AR and MR glasses. The company announced that the light glasses have a new game by YuME.

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nreal Glasses Specs

These stylish glasses look more like sunglasses than anything that’s out on the market right now. They’re splashed in bright red and blue, classic white and also black. There are other eye-catching colors too.

They have a foldable temple so you can wear them and then collapse them. Like everyday glasses, they fit in a pocket and look like they could be a great beach day accessory.

Much like the developer focused Magic Leap, nreal light’s have 6DoF tracking. They also have a 3DoF touchpad controller for consumers.

The glasses weigh 85 grams (2.9 ounces) and have a 1080P HD display that has a 52-degree field of view. This is two degrees more than the Magic Leap One.

nreal light AR MR glasses

Those who are looking to upgrade their 4G phone to 5G are going to get faster internet speeds.  They’ll also be able to tether to its computing unit for higher quality AR gaming.

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The squared unit is small enough to fit in a pocket or palm. The light’s compatibility with Android and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip are the best the industry’s got right now.

In a statement, Chi Xu, Founder and CEO of nreal said, “In cooperating with Qualcomm Technologies and NetEase AR, we’re moving another step toward a future where 5G is prevalent and the next generation mobile computing platform isn’t just your standalone smartphone, but also includes a pair of mixed reality glasses like nreal light.”

The hybrid AR and MR glasses don’t have a set-in-stone release date. However, they did tell ARPost they’ll begin pre-order and shipping this year.

These next-gen glasses have a price tag for around USD $1,000 as is. While those that wear glasses every day can add prescription lenses to them for clarity, it will cost extra. This upgrade is a bit pricey but is worth it for tech enthusiasts who want to stay current with AR and MR.

GDC 2019 and YuME by NetEase AR Announcement

At GDC 2019, the glasses creator announced that their light glasses are powerful. So powerful, consumers can play MR and AR games on them.

nreal light blue

Their press release explains that prosumers can use them to develop AR and MR games and experiences on them too. They also add that some VR games would be “visualized” on them.

During demos, they allowed guests to preview content from NetEase AR and Wikitude. They shared that they used a Finch controller to click and grip inside games.

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Since we were not in attendance to test it for ourselves, they referred us to YuMe’s fantasy AR game called “Alice’s Dream”. The experience is a proof of concept to the type of game and experience the glasses can provide within a user’s environment.

The MR and AR glasses company told us that “nreal will not release games by itself but through the partnership with NetEase AR” and that they are “expecting to run more mixed reality games on our platform.”


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