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Orangetheory Fitness Launches an AR Campaign to Promote Wonder Woman Race Affiliation

The fitness franchise is promoting the Wonder Woman Race in Fargo with augmented reality content and experiences.


Be a Wonder Woman with augmented reality! This is one potential slogan that Orangetheory Fitness could use to promote their recent affiliation with the Wonder Woman Race. To this end, the fitness franchise partnered with Imagination Park to harness its AR platform. This will help Orangetheory create and deploy unique experiences for current and future clients.

Augmented Reality and Modern Fitness Training: An Organic Partnership

Looking at the partnership from the point of view of innovation, it is a perfect fit. For one thing, augmented reality is the hot tech of the moment in various industries, but especially in marketing and sales. For another, Orangetheory Fitness boasts a special mix of science, coaching and technology to help their clients reach their goals.

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Thus, their recent affiliation with the Wonder Woman Race needed a special spice to attract participants. Speaking of their choice, the Franchise Owner and North and South Dakota Area Representative, Archit Shah, said in a press release:

“We could buy thousands of dollars of print ads, like we’ve done in the past, but AR provides a more interactive and innovative way to engage our target market, and Imagination Park’s built-in artificial intelligence means that every engagement is recorded, tracked and responded to.”

The promotional AR campaign started in May and will continue until June 30. Its core purpose is to promote the Wonder Woman Race which will take place in Fargo, North Dakota. This is the latest addition to the list of locations for the run. Other cities hosting the event are Chicago, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City, among others.

The Wonder Woman Race – Bringing Out the Super Hero in Every Woman

The Wonder Woman Race is a licensed event that uses trademarks and other IPs belonging to the Wonder Woman franchise. The participants will receive branded racing kit. They will enjoy photo opportunities and refreshments before and after the race, as well as the chance to win medals.

AR provides a more interactive and innovative way to engage our target market.

For Orangetheory Fitness, the affiliation means giving their clients the opportunity to reach their weight loss goals and show off their level of fitness in a special event. The mix of sports and glamour is exciting for all the participants. Also, it is a perfect fit for promotion using the latest technologies – such as augmented reality experiences.

Orangetheory Fitness Uses Augmented Reality Campaign to Promote Wonder Woman Race Affiliation

Imagination Park – an AR Company with a Proven Track Record

To put their vision in practice, the fitness franchise chose Imagination Park for several reasons. First of all, their augmented reality platforms offers companies the chance to create rich AR experiences without advanced coding skills.

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Also, Imagination Park has already proven its expertise in working with the sports industry. So far, three major teams have chosen their augmented reality platform to create marketing and promotional content for fans: Football club Arizona Rattlers, Baseball club Erie SeaWolves, as well as Football club Tucson Sugar Skulls.

The CEO of Imagination Park, Alen Paul Silverrstieen, described the advantages of using their proprietary augmented reality platform:

“Most business wouldn’t consider running an augmented reality campaign as they expect it to be too technical, complex and highly expensive; but that isn’t the case when using Imagination Park’s XenoHolographic augmented reality platform. Whether you are a fitness franchise owner or even a mom and pop retail store, you can create highly sophisticated and customized AR campaigns with absolutely no technical ability and for far less than you would imagine.  We believe that businesses that move quickly will reap the biggest rewards because AR in marketing will be commonplace in just a few years.”

As for Orangetheory Fitness, they will use the AR platforms to promote the Wonder Woman Race with training tips, videos, ads and holograms. Fitness enthusiasts can point their phone at various items, such as coaches, insignias and signage. Also, the fitness franchise will offer their prospects a scavenger hunt in augmented reality. The participants will enter into a raffle for various prizes, including gym memberships.

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