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AWE EU in Munich to Showcase XR Technology of Today and Tomorrow

A look at some of the featured XR technology events, speakers, and exhibitors.


The fourth annual European Augmented World Expo is set to take place on October 17 and 18 in Munich Germany. ARPost is excited about any XR technology conference but as AWE’s  partner, we’re particularly excited about this one.

So, why should you be excited about AWE EU?

AWE EU 2018 day 2
AWE EU 2018 Day 2

For one thing, it’s huge. There are expected to be over 2,000 attendees, over 100 exhibitors, over 100 sessions, and over 125 speakers. Forbes calls it “XR’s most essential conference.”

Featured Speakers

If that wasn’t enough, those exhibitors and speakers aren’t just anybody. We can’t introduce you to all of the speakers, but let’s look at the featured ones.

Urho Konttori is the founder and CEO of Varjo Technologies. The Finnish XR technology company claims to make the world’s only human-eye resolution VR headset. In the “Test Drive with Volvo and Varjo” talk, he will be, together with Volvo’s Casper Wickman, talk about their latest project – driving a real car on the road with Varjo’s XR-1 headset.

Director of Immersive Technology at Deutsche Telekom, Terry Schussler, will be speaking about XR adoption in the world of 5G.

Maite Labat is the Director of the Digital and Audiovisual Production Department at the world-renowned Louvre Museum. She will be giving a talk titled “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass.”

AWE USA 2019
AWE USA 2019

Erkut Ekinci, Head of Information technologies at Hugo Boss, will be giving a talk about the ways AR technology is transforming the textile industry.

Coordinator of the Center of Competence for AR and VR at Audi AG, Jan Pflüger, will be a part of a panel discussion “XR Goes Mobile – from Content to Deployment.” Comprised of experts from different areas, the panel will demonstrate the potential of XR for business applications and the ways services reach the mobile customer.

Featured XR technology companies include Oculus, Google, Facebook, HTC, and Qualcomm.

Talks and Exhibitors

With over 100 talks, we can’t go into all of them here. However, talks cover exciting trends including XR security and XR in marketing, industry, and culture. Talks will also discuss the future of XR technology including new use cases, new adopters, and how XR will work with other technologies like 5G internet and machine learning.

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We don’t know yet exactly what the exhibitors have in store. However, with over sixty exhibitors, there’s bound to be a lot to see. Bosch, LITHO, Lenovo, and ThirdEye are particularly promising exhibitors.

The Conference Experience

Perhaps the biggest reason to be excited about an XR technology conference like AWE can’t be compartmentalized into an article. It’s about all of these people coming together in one place. The exhibitors, the speakers, and everyone who attends.

main stage AWE EU 2018
AWE EU 2018 Main stage

The idea of computer technology started, for many people, with visions of a programmer alone in their room. The startup age has transformed it into the vision of small teams working together in open offices. This view, while a step in the right direction, is still incomplete.

Only so much innovation can happen in isolation. The changes that create the future happen at events like AWE. Events at which consumers, producers, vendors, and investors gather together in the same space to discuss their ideas and passions.

One More Reason to Be Excited

2018 AWE EU
AWE EU 2018

As conference partners, ARPost is giving you one more reason to get excited about AWE EU. Enter code EUARPOST20 when you buy your tickets for an extra 20% off of your all-access ticket purchase.

In addition to that, we are also giving away three tickets for AWE EU. Head to our Twitter account and participate in our giveaway (rules are very simple)!

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