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Squad Partners With Snap to Create Augmented Reality Creative Outlets

Squad has partnered with Snap to develop new creative avenues using augmented reality.


snap and squad augmented realitySquad has partnered with Snap Inc. to utilize Camera Kit. They’ve integrated Snap’s augmented reality capabilities into the Squad camera, which brings new creative outlets for people in quarantine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for most of the world. While everyone is experiencing it differently, many are finding relief in the same creative outlets. In the past few months, video chat platforms have been experimenting with AR. However, Squad is leading the charge with its partnership with Snap.

Building Unique Augmented Reality Experiences

Squad is a screen-sharing platform where users can watch their favorite movies and browse apps together. They can even video chat with up to nine people. Squad’s co-watching capabilities allow for long-form content and TikTok, among other virtual experiences. However, its partnership with Snap takes personalization and creativity to a whole new level.

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Camera Kit, which was announced in June, uses Snapchat’s Lens carousel UX and Lenses AR platform to deliver integrated user experiences. This enables developers to leverage the power of Snapchat’s camera for their apps. They’ll also gain a range of tools and services for creating augmented reality experiences.

According to Alston Cheek, Director of Platform Partnerships at Snap, Camera Kit is the culmination of a nine-year labor of innovation and investment. Squad is one of their first partners to integrate it into a platform.

By bringing these AR capabilities to the Squad app, users will be able to use Snapchat lenses as they chat and watch videos together. It will give users new ways to share and express their individuality while they’re hanging out online.


At the same time, it brings Lenses AR experiences closer to Snapchat’s 238 million daily active users. Since they consist of teen and millennial audiences, this is very advantageous for a Gen Z app like Squad.

Bringing People Together With Augmented Reality

Over the years, social networks have seen tremendous growth. Although these platforms promote connection, heavy use of social media apps has been associated with loneliness. Not only that, but it also appears that younger generations are experiencing loneliness more than older generations.

That is what Squad aims to address.

By building a social platform that enables meaningful interactions, Squad aims to make people feel less lonely. Amid the pandemic, creative outlets have become vital to managing stress and keeping our minds healthy.

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Squad, along with other platforms, has been providing us with innovative ways to stay connected with friends and loved ones. The fast-growing Gen Z app is simple to use, featuring strict security and privacy controls.

Now, with its partnership with Snap, Squad can make screen-sharing more interactive. It promotes an engaged community by enabling interactive moments with augmented reality experiences, filters, and more.

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