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“It’s Time to Go Spatial”: Get Hyped for AWE USA 2020

The biggest XR technology tradeshow is taking place in California this spring.


In terms of events, participants, and opportunities to attend, Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the largest AR, VR and MR trade show out there. While events take place throughout the year and around the world, the main floor in America is in Santa Clara, California. This year’s AWE USA is taking place on May 27-29.

There’s way too much going on for us to be able to give you all of the details. However, here we’ll give the scoop on some of the main events and speakers. We’ll also tell you how ARPost readers can get tickets at special rates.

There are three main AWE events, namely, Conferences, Expos, and the Auggie Awards.

AWE USA 2019 Day 1
AWE USA 2019 Day 1

The Conference Portion

Nearly 100 speakers are signed up to give talks on fifteen topics throughout the course of the Conference portion.

Some talks will focus on how XR factors into business, including health, ads, sales, marketing, enterprise, retail, and commerce. Others will focus on XR technology in entertainment, including XR art, gaming, media, and location-based entertainment. Talks will also focus on developing XR including AI in XR, virtual beings, and XR enablement. There will also be talks dedicated to the XR developers that are working on, or interested in working on, these fields.

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The long list of expert speakers include NVIDIA’s senior manager of CloudXR Greg Jones, Microsoft principal software engineer Julia Schwarz, Unreal Engine general manager Marc Petit, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios general manager Steve Sullivan, LucidWeb founder and CEO Leen Segers, Open AR Cloud director of communications Alina Kadlubsky, Zappar co-founder and CTO Connell Gauld, as well as creative director BC Biermann.

The Expo Portion

For more hands-on people, AWE also has the expo floor. This year, over 80 XR technology companies will be in attendance to exhibit their latest and greatest tech.

Exhibitors include Zappar, Vuzix Corporation, Scope AR, Nreal, Qualcomm, Mojo Vision, IEEE Future Visions, LetinAR, Epic Games, and 8th Wall.

AWE USA 2019 Day 2
AWE USA 2019 Day 2

The Auggie Awards for XR Technology

The Auggies are AWE’s AR and VR awards show.

There are 15 main categories including art and film, apps, games and toys, headworn devices, developer tools, and more. There will also be “Best in Show” awards for augmented reality, virtual Reality, and startup.

Additionally, there will also be the “Awesome Award” for best “moonshot concept” and the “Nextant Award” for a pioneer in XR technology.

How to Get Tickets

There’s still time to purchase tickets, which are available through  AWE’s website. Because ARPost is a proud AWE USA 2020 media partner, readers can get 20% off of their ticket price by entering the promo code ARPOST20.

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