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18 Most-Read ARPost Articles of 2018

Here are our 18 most-read articles of last year.

From key AR and VR industry statistics, to how immersive technology will change the way children learn, to how to design for mobile augmented reality, these are the 18 stories ARPost readers clicked on the most in 2018:



Key Statistics for the Virtual and Augmented Reality Industry in 2018

Statistical data for virtual and augmented reality industry for 2018 indicate the growth path for these technologies and their potential for future market share.


The 5 Best Virtual Reality Music Experiences You Must Try

Virtual reality has brought entertainment to a higher level. Discover the most immersive ways to enjoy music with the help of virtual reality.

adidas deerupt augmented reality 03

Shoe Unboxing in Augmented Reality: adidas Originals launched a Global AR Shoe Unboxing On Mobile Web To Debut the Deerupt Sneaker

Rose Digital and Annex88 create together the first web-based augmented reality unboxing experience for the adidas Originals Deerupt shoe model.

5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your (Everyday) Life04

5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your (Everyday) Life

Augmented reality has developed into a technology that can enhance and alter the way we live. But, can it change our lives for the better?


5 Amazing Virtual Reality Startups to Watch in 2018

These virtual reality startups are among the most promising companies which will take VR technology to new levels of application and innovation.


The Best Virtual Reality Apps for Children

Let your children discover the amazing world of virtual reality through these safe, fun and educational virtual reality apps, developed especially for children.

creating 3d characters animations AR children's book07

Creating 3D Characters and Animations for AR Children’s Books

A comic book artist, writer, editor and producer, provides a step-by-step guide to creating the character and animations for an AR children’s book.

Top Augmented Reality SDKs for Developers08

Top Augmented Reality SDKs for Developers

Discover the most popular augmented reality SDKs used by developers to create mobile AR applications and games.

How Virtual and Augmented Reality will Change the way Children Learn09

How Virtual and Augmented Reality will Change the way Children Learn

Exploring the ways in which education will evolve with the help of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The Best Virtual Reality Racing Games10

The Best Virtual Reality Racing Games

Buckle up and discover the most engaging, realistic and immersive virtual reality racing games you can play on your tethered VR headset.


Is Virtual Reality Technology Bad for the Environment?

A look into how the production of virtual reality technology impacts the environment, and how producers and consumers can explore VR with minimal environmental impact.

augmented reality books12

Four Books to Help you Learn About Augmented Reality

Understanding what augmented reality is about can help you to get the most from what it has to offer. Here are some book that could help.


Pi Square: Making Animations Render 1000 Times Faster With Only 10% Cost

Pi Square, exhibitor at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018, is dedicated to revolutionizing the future of animation production.


Top Players in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Space

Discover the top companies around the world that create value and develop innovative products for the AR and VR space.


Arcona Marketplace: Your Chance to Own Digital Land and Create Your Own Augmented Reality World 

The creators of the first AR ecosystem, Arcona, open up its digital land for auction, allowing users to develop their own augmented reality world. Secures $8M for the Launch of the First Conversational AI an AR Platform16 Secures $8M for the Launch of the First Conversational AI and AR Platform managed to secure $8 million Series A funding to launch its conversational AI and AR platform for pharma/biotech industries.

Augmented Reality Glasses Bring U.S. Historic Sites to Life17

Augmented Reality Glasses Bring U.S. Historic Sites to Life

Visitors to the historic homes of America’s presidents are now enjoying AR-enhanced tours, thanks to the AR storytelling expertise of ARtGlass and Epson’s augmented reality glasses.

Designing for Mobile AR When the World is Your Interface18

Designing for Mobile AR When the World is Your Interface

Designing for mobile augmented reality presents a unique set of challenges. How can designers maintain some level of control over the user experience while sustaining the AR illusion?

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